The LoveLight Campaign for Central American Emigration Reduction
Transforming Root Causes in the Northern Triangle


Campana Amor y Luz para la Reduccion de la Emigracion Centroamerica
Transformar las causas fundamentales en el triangulo norte

Action Committees

Website, social media/marketing, public relations:
Team managers: Nancy Nunez, Edrian Linares

Campaign structure and operational methods/standards:
Team Lead: Edwin Alberto Guardado and Rev. Rosa Irma de Alvarado

Energy and green infrastructure planning: Team leader:
Fr. Ramon Ovalle, Juan Jose

Emigrants, repatriation and sustainable/safe model communities:
Team leaders: Eduardo Mangermans and Carolina Batres (via Zoom) and Gracia Lavallee (via Zoom), Andrea Flores

Cryptocurrency/blockchain development and coordination of material and human resources:
Edwin Vicente Ramírez

Campaign funding and public relations Relations with churches, businesses and governments:
(ECUSA, Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Evangelicals, Baptist churches, national embassies, corporate CEOs and foundation CEOs)

Initial outreach planning by the Three Bishops, Ted and Daniel with support from ALL COMMISSION MEMBERS as we learn and expand our networks.

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