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C and M Lifeline

C and M Lifeline

The LoveLight Campaign for Central American

Emigration Reduction Transforming Root Causes in the Northern Triangle

Campana Amor y Luz para la Reduccion de la Emigracion Centroamerica

Transformar Las Causas Fundamentales en el Triangulo Norte




HISTORY of the LoveLight Campaign

Origin: The terminology and concepts of the LoveLight Campaigns were initiated by Dr. Ted Anders in 2013 for local and global applications. 

Our Motto:  One People, One Planet, One Purpose … the creation of abundant societies everywhere that work well for everyone … on a planet environmentally restored. 

Our Intention:  To facilitate the creation of public and private programs & systems leading to a world of nations which sustain everyone, all life, and our precious planet. 

Our Method:  We offer breakthrough solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems … and train the leaders of all political parties, religions, and substantial corporations to make decisions and act in alignment with our purpose and intention.

VISION for the LoveLight Campaign for Central America

To create and serve as the most effective inter-religious sacred and secular organizational force which coordinates and activates national, regional and global partners to steadily reduce irregular migration in the Northern Triangle of Central America… by supporting the security and integral development of these countries, based on the values of the Gospel and human rights.


Reduce irregular migration of nationals from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador through comprehensive care for migrants and potential migrants which includes implementation of: comprehensive tri-national social and economic development programs to prevent irregular migration; environmental restoration or adaptation of communities to climate change; implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); reduction of human trafficking and smuggling of migrants; contributing to public safety and sustainable security institutions.

Eliminating the 5 root causes of desperate migration:

  1. Violence/lack of security;
  2. Joblessness/endemic inescapable poverty;
  3. Corruption (i.e. mis-direction of allocated funds which could resolve causes 1, 2, 4 and 5);
  4. Climate change damage -- inadequate food and water supplies;
  5. Lack of education access.

Photo Gallery

Signing of the LoveLight Proclamation


First Meeting in Siguatepeque, Comayagua

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